Extrusion Tools & Machinery


WEXtrusion is your partner to choose the most suitable supplier for your extrusion tools and machinery.

Our company is based in Austria and we are located near the main machining and tooling industries for plastic technology.

This enables us to monitor the production process accurately, including technical features and quality control. We are specialised on cost efficient improvements, based on your extrusion process.

Our network with various machining companies and the knowledge about your requirements enables us to offer you customized solutions.

We work continuously with your team, learn about your needs, and define the improvements for your products.

Another of our strengths is our ability to organise spare parts according to your drawings within a short period of time. We are able to offer that service for a reasonable price, as we are constantly working together with experts.

We will organize suitable suppliers and we guarantee an outstanding quality.

Please ask for an offer and convince yourself of our qualities and services.




High Performance Tools


WEXtrusion is the specialist for “Core Coex Double Strand Tools” with a special Y-Block. Through our design, the Y-Block and the co-extruder can remain permanently established.